Expedition, världens bästa programvara för kappseglare har blivit ännu bättre!

Expedition världens bästa programvara för kappseglare förändras ständigt och utökas i funktion . Nu finns senast release 9.0.21 för nedladdning!
Under 2014 har redan imponerande 21 nya releaser introducerats!
Nedan kan ni se den utökade funktionaliteten som tillkommit.

Så du som vill ligga i topp på kappseglingsbanan bör göra slag i saken och skaffa dig och ditt team Expedition!

Häls Lars

Update for sending BSP% as RPM to Raymarine,
Option to support TWA & TWS from H5000 NMEA 2000,
Fix handling of incomplete Predictwind grib files.
Update for Swedish Transverse mercator BSB charts.
Fix for tooltips and selecting objects using Bsb charts in XP.
Update to Cowes week 2014 support,
Include 0m grib winds,
Update for future Ventus integration.
Support Cowes week 2014 SMS courses,
Update for NKE UDP defaults.
Support AIS MOB and EPIRB SART extensions,
Bsb update for NZ Mariner charts.
Button on AIS toolbar to toggle AIS target display,
Remove NZ Mariner as updated charts contain fix,
Remove B&G H5000 XDR exception as updated H5000,
Update to Garmin USB interface.
Better handling of NZ Mariner chart encoding errors,
Better closing 4D charting system,
UsrChannels.h now included with install,
Draw sail tests on Sail chart (not for XP),
Update to laylines,
Update to Dfw2Exp for true mode,
Nicely close TCP server after lost connection,
Various performance, reliability and interface enhancements.
Send mark bearing, range etc to B&G H3000,
Can set CPA time and distance limits,
Option to reload track at start.
Support Len Walstad Gulf Stream grib files.
Support B&G linear 9 to 16,
Support Sail Tactics grib data,
Support for future Ventus developments,
Various performance, reliability and interface enhancements.
Fix sorting AIS targets.
Updates to tides & currents,
Fix to leave mark to starboard in route optimisation.
Support incorrectly coded GLERL grib files,
Updates to optimal routing & race schedules.
Cosworth2Exp now shares CAN connection,
Accept incorrectly coded OCENS grib files.
Garmin2Exp supports more USB devices,
Increase optimal routing resolution,
AIS updates,
Support incorrectly coded Ocens 10m grib winds,
Reinstate AC34 interface.
Fix intermittent freeze bug,
LogPlayer now plays nicely with start timer,
Update for AIS sorting,
Boat name in tooltip for 2 boat testing,
Update for saildocs,
Support for H5000 Hydra rudder.
Enhanced Saildocs support,
Support for complex packed Grib data,
Support RTOFS global grib data,
Can select boat icon size,
Update to Garmin2Exp to support Garmin 18 USB etc,
Work-around to support buggy NZHO BSB charts.
4D is now DPI aware.
Option for Actisense NGT-1 receive all mode,
Accept old style AIS 129038 PGN,
Modification to 4D raster and satellite toggle behaviour.
Bsb chart updates,
Cosworth updates,
C-Map MAX and 4D updates,
Right-click option to delete dividers,
Nexus FDX tag update,
Speed to line improvements,
Support ECMWF surface pressure grib data.
C-Map 4D charting.
Option to select whether to use GPS data from any NMEA 2000 device,
AIS updates.
Can specify boats in Dfw2Exp,
Update to Cosworth,
Update for gpx track export.
Cosworth polar interface update,
Can map boat id in data sent to external channels,
Update to AIS incursions,
Update to race notes,
Boat drawn as ellipse in Vesper mode,
Updated installer.
Updated PGN 129283 for Raymarine,
Smaller download,
Route via cursor,
Populate required reach speed to line.
Option to set boat names from Exp,
Add Worldchart.chx to installer as best avoid land option for route optimisation,
Updated 129284 PGN,
AIS update,
Racenote update.
Support Actisense NGT-1-ISO,
Update for NOAA NAM download,
SMHI grib data integrated,
Update for downloading BSH grib data,
Improved GPX mark export,
Option to export log in GPX format,
Add #PING to Expedition comms protocol for Ventus,
Sail graphic window,
Heading to steer (allows for current),
Draw tracks for other boats,
Updates to race notes.
Fix for polar bug in .28.
Update for missing fields in B&G Hydra NMEA 0183,
Option to repeat AIS incursion warning sound,
Update to polar range circle,
Various performance and interface enhancements.
New polar range circle (not for XP),
Updates for Vesper.
AIS incursion warnings,
Vesper updates,
Can map AIS targets to boats 1-7 for race tracking etc,
Download all NOAA GFS Ensemble perturbation forecasts together
Updates to Simulator, ensemble colours and Grib 2 decode.
Grib data is now downloaded in a background thread,
GFS Ensemble forecast downloads,
Enhanced ensemble graphics options,
Updated optimal routing,
Support SailingPerformance's OnboardAssistant,
Option to use Exp vector chart to avoid land in optimal routing,
Option to download a subset of Tidetech data,
Ocen WeatherNet 4,
Various performance and interface enhancements.


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