Dehler Yachts har förnyat sin hemsida!

Dehler  Yachts som ingår i HanseGroup  har uppgraderat sin hemsida

HanseGroup fortsätter sin framgångsrika förädling av segelbåtsbrandet Dehler och tar Dehler till en nya nivå med vidare investeringar. HanseGroup har växt med sin multibrandstrategi till världens näst största leverantör av fritidsbåtar! Ett imponerande varv med imponerad tillverkningsutrustning och nu över 1000 personer anställda. Och så här presenterar man Dehler:


As pioneers in global series boat production, we at Dehler have spent more than 50 years working towards a result that makes both our customers and our employees proud. Our passion for the construction of perfect yachts is based on clear values. Our yachts are the embodiment of these values and therefore reflect our enthusiasm for the art of boat construction. Delve into the world of Dehler.

When Willy and Heinz Dehler decided to construct a boat entirely to their own specifications 50 years ago, a boat was developed that has left a permanent mark on the global yacht sector ever since. Further innovations and inventions were quick to follow that still influence yacht construction today: the Dehler Maindrop System, the Central Winch System (CWS) and the introduction of self-turning jibs are just a few examples.

But perhaps precisely this is the secret. People identify with their work and are proud of their performance. Thanks to their trust in their own ability, their tireless pursuit of perfection and their inventiveness, Dehlers have always been a step ahead of their time. And they still are today. The truth can be found in the product itself. Thanks to close cooperation with the renowned yacht design office Judel/Vrolijk many years of experience in the art of boat construction, modernity and performance optimisation as well as an innovative design are combined in a yacht by Dehler. If nothing else, various 'Yacht of the Year' awards confirm the success of this symbiosis. Furthermore, the yachts stand out from the crowd thanks to their exceptionally high quality – typical Made in Germany! During manufacturing, the focus is on hand crafting and the use of state-of-the-art techniques, such as the vacuum infusion process. This is the only way that high quality and performance requirements can be realised.

Dehler has developed into the leading brand in the performance cruiser sector over the past 50 years and sells boats around the world via its global dealer network. The current model range includes the Dehler 29, Dehler 32, Dehler 35SQ, Dehler 38, Dehler 41 and the new Dehler 46.

Boats by Dehler inspire sailors around the world thanks to their versatility. Be it having an inimitably wonderful time, leaving your troubles behind or winning yet another regatta. Dehler is identification through passion!

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